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frequently asked questions Zzz by Emoji-kun

do you do...
requests: no/very, very rarely (am open to suggestions though)
art trades: no/only between friends (i take too long)
collabs: depends, ask me
commissions: yes
all my recent (2013-onwards) art is done on a 15" macbook pro + cintiq 22hd/wacom intuos3 in either photoshop cs6, paint tool sai, or both
wait, paint tool sai on a mac?
here's how you do it
how long does it take you to draw ___?
cell-shaded/no background: 2 - 3 hrs
paper style: varies (will have to keep track one day...)
painted/more detailed/multi-character: 4+ hrs
how long have you been drawing?
traditionally since i was a toddler, digitally since i was 11 years old, ponies since very late 2011
can i post your work on other sites?
yes, as long as you link back to me!!
will you draw my oc?
if you pay me for it :>
how do you come up with adoptable ideas?
clear themes (with iconic symbols or colour schemes) + aesthetics i personally like
how do you draw your paper ponies?
basic tutorial!
who is best pony?
twilight sparkle is most similar to me (thus, favourite) but applejack is actual best pony
why didn't you reply to my note?
i probably opened it to see what it was and forgot to reply! you are much more likely to get a response (if it's something like a question) if you comment on my front page, but if it's a private matter and i still haven't responded for more than a week, feel free to send it again!
can i be your friend?
sure, but noting me with that request alone isn't the best way to start! here's what i'd prefer:
1. comment on my deviations/journals/polls! i recognise repeat commenters a lot :>
2. ask me questions, open up a discussion about things! also i have my current interests listed in my deviantart id so it helps if you're into that
3. if you still want to note me, at least tell me about yourself! friendship isn't one-sided!
4. add me on skype! but only after we've replied to each other a few times, then you may ask for it :> or just tell me yours and i'll add you!
that's an example of what you can do, but bottom line is, i won't just say "yeah i'll be your friend" if i don't know anything about you or we don't communicate.


tsurime's Profile Picture
pony all day every day
Artist | Student | Film & Animation
commission info | society6 | redbubble | doodle tumblr
currently studying a bachelor of design (animation)

nom nom by Emoji-kun a journal will be posted whenever commissions are open

my sincerest thanks for every comment, favourite and watch! though i might not reply a lot of the time for fear of redundancy, i'm very grateful for everyone's ongoing support :heart:
hi! i'm finally able to get on here (just to write this entry, my access is still mostly blocked) so here's an update!

i haven't been able to access deviantart for quite some time now! it's due to a slew of issues that i'd really rather not go into detail with right now, but if you have tried to contact me in any form through here and have not received a reply, that is why. i'll be going to my parents' house in a few days so this issue should be finally resolved around that time, but until then, please send me an email at [REDACTED-you can note me now]! it's not at all my intention to ignore anybody so i'm really sorry if it seemed that way ):

the following is for commissioners: i've attempted to send everyone notes, but it seems that they have not gone through. i will try again after this entry is posted. my sincerest apologies.
if you're on the reserved cue, new estimated start time is around mid january.

please don't reply to this entry if you want a quick response hahha... i'll be back in the swing of things soon. thank you for your support.

what kind of adoptables/art do you want to see me do? 

12 deviants said comment with anything. go for it

art status

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to-do list Fuh2 by Emoji-kun

detailed commission queue available here
:bulletblue: art trade part 2 - deersoup (waay overdue hurry up)
:bulletpink: art trade - space-kid


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