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Hallow by Emoji-kun

Commissions - Open by SweetDukeNo Point Commissions by SweetDuke
No Requests by SweetDukeTrades - Friends Only by SweetDukeCollaborations - Friends Only by SweetDuke

my sincerest thanks for every comment, favourite and watch!
though i might not reply a lot of the time for fear of redundancy, i'm very grateful for everyone's ongoing support :heart:

Donut Dividers by hanar0Donut Dividers by hanar0

current commissions

gotta work hard!! Kaomoji Emoji Set | Sweatdrop by cute-materials

1. :bulletblack: hawberries - VERY OVERDUE (upgrading it but photoshop's pen pressure isn't working >:C)
2. :bulletgreen: banifi - complete + delivered
- extra - in progress
3. :bulletblack: Jeriih - late
- extra - not started
4. :bulletblack: benkomilk - paid
5. :bulletblack: TDLBallistic (pending, not paid)

current delays are due to illness and uni work
slots are open indefinitely!


frequently asked questions Zzz by Emoji-kun

do you do...
please see above ^^^
i do not take points as payment
all my recent (2013-onwards) art is done on a 15" macbook pro + cintiq 22hd/wacom intuos3 in either photoshop cs6, paint tool sai, or both
wait, paint tool sai on a mac?
here's how you do it
how long does it take you to draw ___?
cell-shaded/no background: 2 - 3 hrs
paper style: varies (will have to keep track one day...)
painted/more detailed/multi-character: 4+ hrs
how long have you been drawing?
traditionally since i was a toddler, digitally since i was 11 years old, ponies since very late 2011
can i post your work on other sites?
yes, as long as you link back to me!!
will you draw my oc?
if you pay me for it :>
how do you come up with adoptable ideas?
clear themes (with iconic symbols or colour schemes) + aesthetics i personally like
how do you draw your paper ponies?
basic tutorial!
who is best pony?
twilight sparkle is my favourite!!
why didn't you reply to my note?
i probably opened it to see what it was and forgot to reply! you are much more likely to get a response (if it's something like a question) if you comment on my front page, but if it's a private matter and i still haven't responded for more than a week, feel free to send it again!
can i be your friend?
sure, but noting me with that request alone isn't the best way to start! friendship (if it does happen) comes about slowly through communication and common interest. talking to me through comments or twitter is a good way to start.


MLP Halloween Auction (OPEN/24 HOURS LEFT!) by tsurime
MLP Halloween Auction (OPEN/24 HOURS LEFT!)
they're a little delayed, but I put a lot of thought into these heheh!! i love whisper so much, help


This little pony had a reputation of being quite the trickster. While she wasn't inherently bad, she took great pleasure in stealing food and messing up other pony's crops. One time, a particularly powerful earth pony caught her trampling through his pumpkin patch. Outraged, he cursed her using his powers over the crops to change her form, permanently twisting her mouth into a jagged jack-o-lantern smile. Her hair turned to plant and her body eerily glowing from within, she hides in recluse, but her echoing laughter can occasionally be heard in the dead of the night...

GOSSAMER (belongs to WolfSongLuna)

A bat pony too curious for her own good. Once vibrant and full of energy, she was dared by her friends to explore an abandoned "haunted" house in the neighbourhood. Upon entering, she became drowsy and quickly fell asleep... yet unbeknownst to her, a hundred years had passed until her awakening. Her wings had turned to spider's silk and her body was dull and covered with dust. She now wanders the land, trying to discover exactly what kind of magic had resided in that house.


In her life, this pony had always been eager to help and support other ponies, whether they be friendly or not. However, she was frail, and succumbed to illness early in life, unable to make her dreams into reality. A mysterious force took pity over the small pony, and granted her a blessing to return to the earth as a spirit. Now, she guides other ponies to happiness and the right direction, hoping to help them achieve what she could not.



---> If you autobuy, I'll help you design the original forms of the pony before being altered by magic, if desired.
PayPal Only Stamp by pjbatter

Bullet; Blue auction will last until 10pm AEST (sydney time), friday, 31/10
Bullet; Pink you can change the name, gender, race, appearance, etc (the names are more of a placeholder than anything else). you're also free to humanise your pony.
Bullet; Blue upon winning you will receive the non-watermarked, larger sized png
MLP Adoptable - Carambola (CLOSED) by tsurime
MLP Adoptable - Carambola (CLOSED)
OWNED BY WolfSongLuna thank you!!

ok, this beb is up again because, AGAIN, someone failed to pay for their bid :|
i'm starting to get a little annoyed with this, so unless people have good reasons, i may have to ban them from bidding in the future.

Carambola! She's based on starfruit. Looking at starfruit makes me happy, so this is a very happy pony :>

:star:PRICE IS $20-$30:star:

$20 will get you the pony.
$30 will get you the pony + coloured sketch of your oc/whichever pony you like.
PayPal Only Stamp by pjbatter
first come first served. please be prepared to pay within 24hrs!

as usual, you can change the name (names are really only a placeholder anyway!), gender, race, etc etc!
i'm sorry for the lack of activity lately!! i've been a little sick. i may be slow to draw/reply to people indefinitely.

hey friends! just letting you know that today there's worldwide free shipping on society6!
it has all sorts of neat stuff, like mugs, tshirts, clocks, phone cases, etc.
i don't have terribly much on there yet (i like to focus on redbubble), but you can check my profile out by clicking the image above or clicking here!

as a status update with me: i've been having sleeping issues ))): AGAIN. i'm trying out some medication but it's only a short-term fix, so i'm sorry if i'm a bit slow to reply to things! hope you all have a good week!


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ChocoberryLollipop Featured By Owner 12 hours ago  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
How is it possible that you are watching me and not the other way around?! This need to be fixed! >A< :heart:
Gorgeous art/style and great designs hun <3333
vansam1999 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
How come I never saw all of these art pieces?
where have you been my whole life? 0_0 

seriously though, you have some amazing talent. :P
XColorBlissSketchX Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New member Student Digital Artist
do you hav a youtube? plus ADORABLE ART EEEE
tsurime Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Filmographer
i don't have a youtube! but thank you!
samiesaurus Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Digital Artist
aaah I bought the Trixie hoodie you have up on redbubble the other week and it arrived a couple of days ago! it is so perfect on a hoodie so ty for having it up on there ;o;
tsurime Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Filmographer
aw, thanks! i'm glad you liked it so much! >v<
Sakura-Ruless Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Artist
omg i love how you draw your ponies, i'm trying to draw my pony oc's  would u mind if i use your  style as inspiration
tsurime Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Filmographer
go ahead! as long as no one is tracing or stealing designs i have no problems whatsoever :>
heliodorh Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2014   Writer
Hello! A question, are your commissions really open (I see the green button but unsure if it is current) and if yes do you have a commission info page...? I can't seem to find on here or on Tumblr, but I could just be really stupid today w/ my cold! Thanks! :w00t:
tsurime Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014  Student Filmographer
hi! i'm sorry my response is super late, but i didn't want to answer until i had some information written up for you <3
you can read this journal for my commission info! --> current commission information
thanks for your interest!
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