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by Paper-Cities!
21 yrs old ★ aussie-polish ★ infj ★ slytherin
i like stars and the colour pink.
i'm not very good at talking to people so i'm trying to work on it!

my sincerest thanks for every comment, favourite and watch!
though i might not reply a lot of the time for fear of redundancy, i'm very grateful for everyone's ongoing support :heart:

Donut Dividers by hanar0Donut Dividers by hanar0

current worklist

gotta work hard!! Kaomoji Emoji Set | Sweatdrop by cute-materials
current commission info

1. :bulletblack: hawberries - VERY OVERDUE (upgrading it but photoshop's pen pressure isn't working >:C)
2. :bulletgreen: banifi - complete + delivered
    :bulletgreen: extra - complete + delivered
3. :bulletgreen: Jeriih - complete + delivered
    :bulletgreen: extra - complete + delivered
4. :bulletblack: benkomilk - paid
5. :bulletblack: chidey - paid
6. :bulletblack: banifi - paid
7. :bulletblack: banifi - paid
8. :bulletblack: TDLBallistic (pending, not paid)
9. :bulletblack: grimusk - paid
10. :bulletblack: WolfSongLuna adoptable bonuses (x3) - PRIORITY!!
11. :bulletgreen: Paper-Cities - (TRADE) complete + posted

current delays are due to illness and uni work
slots are open indefinitely!


frequently asked questions Emoji06 by Emoji-icon

do you do...
commissions: yes!
art trades: very rarely!
collaborations: very rarely!
requests: no!
i do not take points as payment
all my recent (2013-onwards) art is done on a 15" macbook pro + cintiq 22hd/wacom intuos3 in either photoshop cs6, paint tool sai, or manga studio
wait, paint tool sai on a mac?
here's how you do it
how long does it take you to draw ___?
cell-shaded/no background: 2 - 3 hrs
paper style: varies (will have to keep track one day...)
painted/more detailed/multi-character: 4+ hrs
how long have you been drawing?
traditionally since i was a toddler, digitally since i was 11 years old, ponies since very late 2011
can i post your work on other sites?
yes, as long as you link back to me!!
will you draw my oc?
if you pay me for it :>
how do you come up with adoptable ideas?
clear themes (with iconic symbols or colour schemes) + aesthetics i personally like
how do you draw your paper ponies?
basic tutorial!
who is best pony?
twilight sparkle is my favourite!!
why didn't you reply to my note?
i probably opened it to see what it was and forgot to reply! you are much more likely to get a response (if it's something like a question) if you comment on my front page, but if it's a private matter and i still haven't responded for more than a week, feel free to send it again!
can i be your friend?
sure, but noting me with that request alone isn't the best way to start! friendship (if it does happen) comes about slowly through communication and common interest. talking to me through comments or twitter is a good way to start.


[otorin] hemwick by tsurime
[otorin] hemwick
slowly getting there with the anatomy i think x_o species still in progress, pls let me know if there are any suggestions!

anyway, this one is loosely based on my favourite enemies/area in bloodborne (bc im a huge nerd) ... i also have more bloodborne-themed ocs in mind ha hA

- the sounds her horns make sound like eerie laughter/shrieking
- lovingly tends the graveyard she lives close to + makes friends with crows
- horns loosely based on sickle shapes
- she has more horns/spikes than usual

pls look in the description here for more (under construction) species info vvvv
[otorin] orzelle by tsurime
[otorin] vega by tsurime
[otorin] vega
(scrap later)

still very much under construction!! they will look less like minkin soon :^) ;;;

an example of an otorin that has become "gem bound" in order to learn magic above a basic level.
horns, underbelly, and hooves become crystallised and the otorin can no longer emit or communicate with others with sound.
they can also grow crystals on other parts of the body.

crystallisation is a rare trait!
also, vega's unicorn/lion-type tail is very rare. their tails are more similar to horses/dogs most of the time.
she also wears a star/constellation cloak that's not pictured here!

for more general species information, click this one!
[otorin] orzelle by tsurime

i'm going to make a journal about them soon :'>
[otorin] orzelle by tsurime
[otorin] orzelle
(scrap later)

hello i'm home!! did you know i sent myself home 5 packages (20+ kilos) purely comprised of books? bc i'm a disaster???
anyway, i'm a bit too out of it to reply/check on everything but i wanted to quickly doodle this up!
i was thinking of a new adopt species concept while i was overseas! here's some info:

- species name is otorin (from oto - sound and ocarina)
- they're a dragon/deer/horse-inspired species that communicate through making sound and music through their horns. their mouths have use (have sharp teeth/sometimes elemental breath) but they cannot omit noise from them.
- their horns are very loosely based on ocarinas (in terms of holes etc) and can make similar noises. the sounds they make can vary greatly! they can have a few different shapes and many holes/patterns!
- their front hoofclawthings are very sharp and they have long+sharp dewclaws!
- they usually have smaller horns continuing down their spine to the base of the tail
- they have huge ears with a really good sense of hearing!
- they can run super fast
- they live in a world where humans exist, as well as magic. most otorin have basic magical ability but can improve it greatly at the expense of becoming mute. i'll expand on this more later :3c for an example of this, check here (anatomy still under construction etc *u*):
[otorin] vega by tsurime

anatomy-wise, orzelle is a little smaller than usual, they can have pretty noodley bodies and limbs! they're usually big enough to be ridden by humans. they'd never let that happen though hahaha
also wings are neither common nor rare. they can have more dragon-esque wings too, but those are more uncommon.

anyway, let me know if you like them, i'd like to develop them more o<-<
let me know if they seem too similar to another species etc...
hello hello! o/ heads up that i will be overseas (japan again! for university this time!) until june 27th! it is highly unlikely that i'll be looking at/replying to notes until i return! apologies for any convenience uvu (and apologies for no watcher feature this week!) i'll see yall later~
kerfluffle adopts - 3 [ONE LEFT !!] by tsurime
kerfluffle adopts - 3 [ONE LEFT !!]
surprise!! fix price this time! i don't feel like dealing with auctions rn :T this is the first wave of i-desperately-need-to-raise-more-money adopts! i actually have a backlog of adopts i've drawn but haven't put up, so... soon :thumbsup:
blue skies + floral forests are on a new base (that i'm really liking rn)! as you can see, they're a little more compact/fatter than nightlight, who was drawn quite a while ago...
also i'm hoping to set up a group for these little bunnies soon! i'm undecided whether to go with a more descriptive name or just "kerfluffles" haha

please read entire description! fix price, first come first serve - comment to claim :heart:
kerfluffles are a CLOSED species

blue skies & fluffy clouds - $50

Star!Star!No StarNo StarNo Star
a bright kerfluffle with big eyes and a big smile!
the marking on their nose forms a diamond shape.
their personality's just full of sunshine!

(also, i almost kept this one, hence higher price hahaha....)

floral forests - belongs to MissHershey!

Star!Star!No StarNo StarNo Star
this graceful kerfluffle loves to relax and likes to blissfully lie among the flowers.
they don't have any claws so they try to avoid conflict!
those long ears allow them to hear many secrets!

(note: this kerfluffle's eyes are closed/eyebrows can't be seen, so feel free to give them whichever colour/shape you like! eyebrows must be the same colour as cheeks/horns. eye colour must be as light in tone as the other two kerfluffles'.)

night light - belongs to Rainywren!

Star!Star!No StarNo StarNo Star
somewhat uncommon-domestic
this kerfluffle was specifically bred to help children sleep at night!
their nature is very docile, their fur is super soft, and their markings/cheeks/eyebrows/horns glow in the dark!!
their cheeks are also a little bigger than usual.

PayPal Only Stamp by PaulJPowers
payment is in AUD or USD! (due to the exchange rate, USD is preferred haha)
Bullet; Pink you can change the name, assign a gender, or make small changes to the design (eg placement of markings or small colour adjustments)
Bullet; Blue after paying you will receive the non-watermarked, larger sized png
Bullet; Pink pleas be prepared to pay within 24 hrs

are ppl still interested custom pony commissions? (i design the pony for you based on your prompts) 

66 deviants said yes
14 deviants said no


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