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by Paper-Cities!
21 yrs old ★ aussie-polish ★ infj ★ slytherin
i like stars and the colour pink.
i'm not very good at talking to people so i'm trying to work on it!

my sincerest thanks for every comment, favourite and watch!
though i might not reply a lot of the time for fear of redundancy, i'm very grateful for everyone's ongoing support :heart:

Donut Dividers by hanar0Donut Dividers by hanar0

current worklist

gotta work hard!! Kaomoji Emoji Set | Sweatdrop by cute-materials
current commission info

1. :bulletblack: hawberries - VERY OVERDUE (upgrading it but photoshop's pen pressure isn't working >:C)
2. :bulletgreen: banifi - complete + delivered
    :bulletgreen: extra - complete + delivered
3. :bulletgreen: Jeriih - complete + delivered
    :bulletgreen: extra - complete + delivered
4. :bulletblack: benkomilk - paid
5. :bulletblack: chidey - paid
6. :bulletblack: banifi - paid
7. :bulletblack: banifi - paid
8. :bulletblack: TDLBallistic (pending, not paid)
9. :bulletblack: grimusk - paid
10. :bulletblack: WolfSongLuna adoptable bonuses (x3) - PRIORITY!!
11. :bulletgreen: Paper-Cities - (TRADE) complete + posted

current delays are due to illness and uni work
slots are open indefinitely!


frequently asked questions Emoji06 by Emoji-icon

do you do...
commissions: yes!
art trades: very rarely!
collaborations: very rarely!
requests: no!
i do not take points as payment
all my recent (2013-onwards) art is done on a 15" macbook pro + cintiq 22hd/wacom intuos3 in either photoshop cs6, paint tool sai, or manga studio
wait, paint tool sai on a mac?
here's how you do it
how long does it take you to draw ___?
cell-shaded/no background: 2 - 3 hrs
paper style: varies (will have to keep track one day...)
painted/more detailed/multi-character: 4+ hrs
how long have you been drawing?
traditionally since i was a toddler, digitally since i was 11 years old, ponies since very late 2011
can i post your work on other sites?
yes, as long as you link back to me!!
will you draw my oc?
if you pay me for it :>
how do you come up with adoptable ideas?
clear themes (with iconic symbols or colour schemes) + aesthetics i personally like
how do you draw your paper ponies?
basic tutorial!
who is best pony?
twilight sparkle is my favourite!!
why didn't you reply to my note?
i probably opened it to see what it was and forgot to reply! you are much more likely to get a response (if it's something like a question) if you comment on my front page, but if it's a private matter and i still haven't responded for more than a week, feel free to send it again!
can i be your friend?
sure, but noting me with that request alone isn't the best way to start! friendship (if it does happen) comes about slowly through communication and common interest. talking to me through comments or twitter is a good way to start.


(psst, people i need to send notes to, you'll be receiving them by the end of the day :>)

since i'm almost at 3000 watchers and you're all lovely sweeties, i decided to do a small feature journal in order to share the joy!! this will hopefully be a weekly thing ^u^ everyone is chosen at random from my watchers list so there's no playing favourites here.
so -- 3 artists and 3 of my favourite images from their galleries!

REUPLOAD: Sky Full of Stars by KAWOSHlN Closed Species - Mage //OTA by KAWOSHlN Tiny Sunshine Child by KAWOSHlN

R: gryphonslade by EerieZombieCP: Jol by EerieZombiePractice by EerieZombie

{Commission} Lady Sylvanas. by nebulAeva :: I am the Master :: GIFT. by nebulAeva {Commission} Cakeindafrige {2/2} by nebulAeva

go check them out!! d(>u<)b
MLP Adoptable Auction - chroma flash (CLOSED) by tsurime
MLP Adoptable Auction - chroma flash (CLOSED)
belongs to Proxicute
thank you!

W E L C O M E  T O  R A I N B O W  H E L L
this is a newer version of this !
Chroma Flash by tsurime
the difference three years makes in colour choices haha. brighter = better apparently
this was very much for fun and not at all an attempt to create a show-accurate oc, so absolutely feel free to reign the design in a little hahah
anyway i'm not certain how well this is going to go but ??? might as well


PayPal Only Stamp by PaulJPowers
Bullet; Blue auction will last until 5pm AEST (sydney time), saturday, 23/05/2015 ! end date liable to change! you will have advanced warning!
Bullet; Pink you can change the name, gender, race, appearance, etc. you're also free to humanise your pony. if you like the colour scheme you can also change the species if you like o/
Bullet; Blue upon winning you will receive the non-watermarked, larger sized png. i drew the cutie mark straight onto the body so there's no higher res image of that.
minkin ych !! by tsurime
minkin ych !!
baby's first ych uvu
i had to buy a new charger for my laptop yesterday and the cost made me weep inner tears, pls help me recoup that cost
also that sitting pose is probably not possible for ungulate creatures but... the magic of drawing... 8) ...

:star: $30 each (AUD or USD), paypal only !! please be ready to pay within 24 hrs!
:star: anatomy will be a bit more refined in the final, i can change body type to suit your minkin, add wings, etc!
:star: final colouring will be similar to my regular adoptable/commission style --
MLP Adoptable Auction - Cake Ponies 2 (CLOSED!) by tsurime

i'll be taking two slots per pose! if i can get em done quick i'll reopen and keep taking them indefinitely. probably.
comment to claim! :heart:

1) Velums (paid)

1) SA1B0T (paid) :bulletgreen:
2) teekyo

minkin belong to SA1B0T and edelilah !
hi everyone!

first, i wanted to give a big THANK YOU :heart::heart::heart::heart: to everyone that wished me a happy birthday!! i am now 21 years old o<-< still a baby in the adult world but getting a little older in the online world hahaha

my past week or so has been very up and down bc lots of good things have been happening (birthday! also my flatmate wrote me a crack multicrossover fanfiction, i don't think any present will ever top that) but also bad things (dad in hospital (he's fine now!), having to spend a stupid amount of money for a new laptop charger, work cutting shifts for pretty much everyone bc of drama) ... right now i'm happy bc everyone's been so nice to me but also sad bc i'm forever in a state of being almost broke ?? almost.

so, upcoming: hustling on owed art + uni work then opening more adoptables/potentially YCHs/potentially commissions ! i've also been working on another adopt species but that'll come at a later point e_e until next time!

are ppl still interested custom pony commissions? (i design the pony for you based on your prompts) 

46 deviants said yes
10 deviants said no


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