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current open adoptables

kerfluffles! fixed price adopts (ONE LEFT!) by tsurimevanilla bean ($20) still available!

commissions: OPEN

commission info! Kao Emoji-01 (Banzai Hurray) [V1] by Jerikuto

★ $35 USD per character! ($45 USD for anthros)
★ will draw: ponies, closed species, other animal-based characters, anthros
★ won't draw: NSFW, humanoid characters
public queue


frequently asked questions Emoji06 by Emoji-icon

do you do...
commissions: yes!
art trades: very rarely!
collaborations: very rarely!
requests: no!
i do not take points as payment
all my recent (2015-onwards) art is done on a 15" macbook pro + cintiq 22hd in manga studio 5. i also often use photoshop cs6 and used to use paint tool sai.
wait, paint tool sai on a mac?
here's how you do it
how long does it take you to draw ___?
cell-shaded/no background: 2 - 3 hrs
paper style: varies (will have to keep track one day...)
painted/more detailed/multi-character: 4+ hrs
how long have you been drawing?
traditionally since i was a toddler, digitally since i was 11 years old, ponies since very late 2011
can i post your work on other sites?
yes, as long as you link back to me!!
will you draw my oc?
if you pay me for it :>
how do you come up with adoptable ideas?
clear themes (with iconic symbols or colour schemes) + aesthetics i personally like
someone has stolen your adoptable!
this happens too often these days for me to personally chase up every case, but please be vigilant! (let me know if they're selling them for money though.) remember that i only post adoptables here and on tumblr.
how do you draw your paper ponies?
basic tutorial!
who is best pony?
twilight sparkle is my favourite!!
why didn't you reply to my note?
i probably opened it to see what it was and forgot to reply! you are much more likely to get a response (if it's something like a question) if you comment on my front page, but if it's a private matter and i still haven't responded for more than a week, feel free to send it again!
can i be your friend?
sure, but noting me with that request alone isn't the best way to start! friendship (if it does happen) comes about slowly through communication and common interest. talking to me through comments or twitter is a good way to start.


22 yrs old ★ aussie-polish ★ slytherin
i like stars and the colour pink.
i'm not very good at talking to people so i'm trying to work on it!

Buy Me a Coffee at

my sincerest thanks for every comment, favourite and watch!
though i might not reply a lot of the time for fear of redundancy, i'm very grateful for everyone's ongoing support :heart:

Pastel divider by Ponnui

currently loving...

talk to me about these ANYTIME! Kao Emoji-04 (Cute) [V1] by Jerikuto
especially the games

games: dishonored, bloodborne, skyrim, legend of zelda: breath of the wild
movies: how to train your dragon, fantastic beasts & where to find them, wolf children ame & yuki, star wars
shows: gotham
books: anything by v.e. schwab! i've also read everything by haruki murakami


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Aww your art is very very cute!
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*reads your tagline* ok here is what you do keep playing more zelda
Fireflyuh Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Welcome back ! :3
tsurime Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2017
thank you *v*
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You take money correct?
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